Monday, 18 February 2013

21st Birthday Brunch.

For my birthday brunch I decided on smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on an toasted English muffin. It's a perfect in-between meal for when you have a bit more time in the mornings or a special occasion... say a 21st birthday ;) and of course is best served with champagne or bucks fizz depending on how alcoholic you like you mornings to get.

To make brunch you will need:
Half an English muffin per person,
2 slices of smoked salmon per person,
1 egg person,
A splash of milk,
A knob of butter.

The only thing that requires any cooking is the scrambled eggs, to start this off you will need a jug, a fork, a pan and a wooden spoon.
Slice the English muffins and place into the toaster ready for toasting and open your packet of smoked salmon ready for the eggs.

Put the pan on a medium heat to warm and crack your eggs into the jug. then add a splash of milk and a knob of butter, technically terms I know.

Then beat the living day lights out of it to ensure light fluffy eggs.

Pour the mix into the pan and stir continuously. This will take some time but don't be impatient as this is what will lead to good eggs.

Just before the eggs look ready pop your muffins on. As soon as the eggs look done take the eggs off the heat as they will continue to cook slightly from the heat of the pan.

Take a muffin half and butter it place two slices of salmon on top and a large spoonful of scramble goodness.

Pop your champagne and indulge.

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