Thursday, 14 February 2013

21st Birthday Cocktail.

It is my birthday on Monday and I am going home for the weekend so, last night a few of my friends and I are went for dinner at Tanners restaurant, but beforehand they came round for drinks and this is the recipe.

To make five cocktails you will need,
Five glasses,
An ice cube tray,
Some sugar for the glass rim, I am using raspberry sherbet sugar,
A lime,
Lemonade (I chose diet),
Vodka enough to soak the berries in around 125ml
Chambord a shot (25ml) per person.
Your choice of berries, I am using strawberries and blackberries.

The ice cubes for the cocktail need to be made at least three hours before the cocktails are required, I made mine the night before.

To make the ice cubes wash and slice the fruit if needs be to fit into the ice cube tray. I cut the strawberries in half but left the blackberries whole. Then fill the ice cube tray and pop it in the freeze. If you use a silicone tray like mine put this on a baking try as it is easier to keep flat.

With the rest of the berries slice and put in a tub, the fill the tub with vodka, just enough to cover the berries. The berries will help flavor the vodka as well as the berries becoming vodka infused themselves.

Once the ice cubes are done, before you start making the cocktail ensure that the lemonade, chambord and vodka have been put in the fridge to chill.

To start put some sugar on a plate. Slice a lime and rub it round the rim of each glass.

Dip the rim of each glass into the sugar. Put the glasses back into the fridge if you have time. 

Strain the vodka from the soaked berries and place a spoonful of berries in each glass.

Pour one shot per person of the strained berry infused vodka into each glass.

Then pour one shot of Chambord per person into each glass.

Slice a lime and put a slice onto the edge of the glass

Put three of the ice cubes in each glass that you made earlier.

Then top up the glasses with lemonade and they are ready to serve.

The best way to start an evening.

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