Saturday, 23 February 2013

21st Restaurant Round Up. Oxo Tower.

The next restaurant that I went to was on the Sunday and it was the Oxo Tower Brasserie. It is located on the south-bank in the Oxo Tower on the 8th floor. I had booked which I recommend to do so because we went on a Sunday and there was never a free table while we were there. 

We were lucky and got a table next to the window which again when booking I would ask for if I were to go again. We had a cocktail while we ordered I had a champagne and rhubarb one which was delicious and Bryony had a grapefruit based one. 

To start I had fried soft shell crab, I have never had soft shell crab and to be honest when it arrived I didn't know what to do with it. The idea of eating the whole thing is a little alien! Since the trip I have looked it up and the reason the whole crab is edible is because the crab is harvested when they are molting their shells. Despite not knowing I tucked in and hope for the best. The coating was really crispy, the crab was moist and the spicy mayonnaise it was served with gave it a good spicy kick all in all a success for soft shell crab. 

For main I had fillet of sea bass, with leek fondue, crayfish and spring greens. This was exceptional, for one the sea bass fillet was huge! As usually when having sea bass out, I prepare myself to be greeted by a measly    fillet. The leek fondue was also really great and went well with the fish. We also got a side of rosemary salted triple cooked chips, just because. They again were delicious. 

Dessert I decided to go a bit different as I would usually have whatever contained the most chocolate but, after having the eight textures of chocolate at Tanners I had had my fill of chocolate. I went for the pistachio panna cotta with pomegranate and baklava. the panna cotta was done brilliantly and the baklava were little squares of sticky goodness! a great alternative to my usual chocolate fix.

Full to the brim we left and went outside to the river to have a look at the view and take a few pics before hoping in a cab home. The Oxo tower really is a great spot and I will be back for sure.

Jacket: Zara, Dress: French Connection, Bag: Longchamp.

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