Thursday, 14 March 2013

Avocado Pasta.

This is a great veggie option for lunch or dinner. Although I won't lie, if I had bacon in the house at the time I made it, that would have gone in too, chopped up and crispy. 
The avocado gives a creamy texture but it is really just chunky guacamole stirred into pasta. 

For the guacamole you will need:
1 avocado,
1 spring onion,
3 tomatoes, 
Dash of lemon juice. 
salt and pepper.
Tabasco if you want it. 
Pesto if you want it. 

To start, scoop out the avocado and chop roughly.                                      

Then chop and add the tomatoes. 

Add some lemon juice if you aren't going to use all the guacamole, or if you aren't using it immediately.    

Add the spring onion peel off the outer layer and chop finely. Add to the guacamole and mix it around. 

Add the salt and pepper and the Tabasco. Mix well.  

Next start cooking your pasta. I am using spelt penne. Spelt has a higher amount of protein in it compared to wheat. This is great if you are a vegetarian. I got mine from Holland and Barrett.  

Drain the pasta and add a large scoop of the guacamole. Mix. 

I then added some pesto, but you could add cheese, or leave it out completely. 

It's then ready to serve. Doesn't look that appetizing but does taste good.

I then tried to make it look more appetizing by adding a spoon of creme fraiche and a sprinkle of paprika. It kind of worked. 

But I think for this recipe you should focus on the avocado super food properties than the end look of the dish!

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