Saturday, 23 March 2013

Chicken Nuggets and Hasselback Potato.

I love finding healthy options to the classics I look on the Internet for new ideas as well as just giving things a go.
This is a mixture of things the nuggets are a giving it a go thing. Traditionally there would be flour and egg as well as bread crumbs but this works well and they are baked instead of fried.
I saw a version of this potato on Pinterest, but it involved a lot of butter and cheese, delicious but not the healthy-ish idea we are going for today.

For the nuggets you will need to serve one:
1 chicken breast,
A side plate filled with panko bread crumbs,
Spray Oil.

For the potato:
1 baking potato,
Spray oil,
Salt and pepper. 

First Chop the chicken breast into nugget sized strips. 

Pour some of the bread crumbs onto a side plate and then coat the chicken in them using your hands to pack on the crumb.

Spray some oil in the baking dish and then place the nuggets into the dish and then spray some more of the oil on the top. This will crisp up the bread crumbs without frying or smothering them in oil. Leave to one side. 

Wash and give the potato a scrub to get any dirt or nasties of the potato.

Then slice the potato nearly all the way through at around half a cm intervals. 

Do this along the whole potato. 

Put the potato onto some foil or a baking tray sprinkle with salt and pepper and spray with oil. Put in the oven at 200 for 40 mins. 
After 15 mins add the chicken nuggets. 

Once out the oven they should look like this, check the nuggets are cooked through. 

Add a veg of your choice, or like me count lashings of ketchup as one of your five a day. 

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