Monday, 18 March 2013

Cinnamon Brûlée Grapefruit.

I find grapefruit is often to harsh to eat on it's own, however if cooked with a bit of sugar it becomes refreshingly tangy. Add the cinnamon and it's even better. 

To serve one you will need:
1 grapefruit,
half a teaspoon of cinnamon,
1 dessert spoon of liquid sweetener or brown sugar. 

Slice the grapefruit in half and take out the seeds. 

Then sprinkle the cinnamon onto each half and rub it in to the fruit. 

Then add the sugar on the top. 

Put in the oven at 200 for 15mins. 

Take out of the oven, the peel should have shrunk back a bit. 

Perfect for breakfast or for a simple dessert. 

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