Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cinnamon & Hazelnut French Toast.

This morning I fancied something different to my usual porridge for breakfast, my housemates and I for some reason have been talking about brioche a lot this week. So out I went to the shops on the hunt for this all butter delight. 

I decided to make the brioche into french toast, with a hazelnut and cinnamon flavour. Topping wise I decided upon caramelised bananas, mixed berries and a dollop of alpro yoghurt.   

To make two servings of french toast you will need:
1 egg.
1 tea spoon ground cinnamon.
150 ml alpro hazelnut drink. (also makes excellent hot chocolates). 
2 slices of brioche.
Oil for frying. 

For the bananas:
1 banana. 
1 dessert spoon brown sugar.
1 knob of butter, I used flora light. 

For the berries:
1 cup of frozen berries.
50 ml of water.
2 teaspoons of sugar, I used sweet freedom sweetener. 

To begin crack the egg into preferably a pasta bowl, as it is shallow but will hold your eggy mixture. Add the hazelnut drink and the cinnamon. Lightly whisk the mixture. 

Slice the brioche as thick as you would like it, I sliced mine around 2 cm thick. 

Places the slices into the eggy mixture and leave to soak while you get on with the toppings. 

 Slice the banana, then melt the knob of flora and the brown sugar on a medium heat. Then turn up the heat to high and put the sliced banana into the pan. 

Move around the pan until the bananas get crispy caramel edges. Take off the heat and put to one side. 

Flip your bread in the mix so the other side soaks up some eggy action. 

For the berries place in the pan with the water and sugar and cook until most of the water has evaporated off. 

Then it is time for the bread. Put a teaspoon of flavour-less oil in the pan, put on a medium heat. Place the bread into the pan and leave for two-ish minutes. Keep checking though so the underside does not burn. Once it looks crispy flip the bread and leave for a further two minutes.  

Serve with half the bananas and berries and a dollop of yoghurt. I also added a shake of icing sugar, just to make it look nice. 

Just what was needed to satisfy the brioche craving on a lazy Saturday morning. 

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