Friday, 15 March 2013

Crab, Avocado & Tomato Sandwich.

This was lunch yesterday. The day before that, on a Marks and Spencer's whim I had spent £4.99 on a tiny pot of white crab meat and I was off home without knowing what to do with it. With some time to think I remembered one of my favorite starters at The Markham Inn, just off the King's Road in Chelsea. It is a stack of crab, avocado and tomato. I decided I would create it into a grilled sandwich filling.   

To make this sandwich you shall need:
2 slices of bread, 
Half an avocado,
3 knobs of flora, one for bread, two for cooking. 
Some crab meat, choose the mix of brown and crab meat to make it cheaper. 
1 spring onion,
1 tomato. 

Half the avocado and remove the stone. Butter the bread. 

Mash the half in a bowl and spread it on the bread. 

Chop the spring onion and put it on the avocado. 

Add a chopped tomato on top of that. 

Add the crab meat to the other side of bread. Carefully flip this bit of bread onto the other one. 

Melt one know of flora in the pan on a medium heat, when melted add the sandwich. Leave for a couple of minutes. 

Flip and leave for another couple of minutes. 

Remove from the pan and slice. 

It was incredible. I am going to have it again today. 

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  1. As usual interesting and enjoyble post. Thanks.