Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pizza Bases.

I like a dominoes every now and again, only when it is two for Tuesday. But the other day I made pizza from scratch, it was enjoyable we made an evening of it and it was so cheap! I will never ever pay those take away prices again, over £15 for a stodgy bit of bread with minimal topping will not be happening again. It cost me around £5 for these ingredients and it will make way more than one pizza. The recipe today will make a minimum of four pizzas and the dough keeps in the fridge for up to a week.   

To make the pizza base you will need:

one sachet of easy bake yeast, (7g dried yeast). 
3 dessert spoons of olive oil. 
500 g of very strong white flour or 00 flour. 
330 ml warmish water. 
1 teaspoon of salt. 
1 teaspoon of sugar.

For the topping:
Passata 100 ml  per pizza.
1/3 of a mozzarella ball. 

I then chose prosciutto ham to have on top but further on down I will show another idea of what to do with pizza base. 

Add the yeast to the warm water and stir. Add the sugar and the oil. Leave to the side. 

Sieve the flour and salt. Add the yeast mix to the flour mix with a spoon to begin and then use your hand. 
Try to only use one hand as this will keep the other clean and free in case you need to touch something you don't want to get all floury.  

Once the dough has come together, turn out to a floured surface and kneed for a couple of minutes.

Place the dough back into the bowl and then cover in cling film. OR if you watch the fabulous baker brothers you will see they always use a shower cap. This is a great tip because it is so easy, especially if you are not going to use all of the dough at once. Leave covered in a warm place for a minimum of a hour. 

While the dough is resting pour the passata into a pan put on a low heat add some herbs and pepper to jazz it up a bit. This will make the sauce thicker and it will cling better to the dough.  Simmer for 20mins. 

10 minutes before you are going to start making the pizzas put a baking tray per pizza in the oven on max, this will make sure there isn't a soggy bottom in sight.

Take a large handful of the dough and kneed it on a well floured dough until it becomes smooth and springy. About 4 mins should do the job.

Then on grease proof paper place the dough and start to roll. I am using a vodka bottle because I am a student without a rolling pin.

Roll it out really thin, it does not need to be round luckily for me. 

Add the tomato sauce.

Tear the mozzarella and add to the pizza.  

Fold and tuck the prosciutto ham around and under the cheese so you will get a mix of melty cheese and crispy ham. Take the baking tray out of the oven and lift the pizza on to it using the baking paper. Put in the oven for 10 minutes. They may need to be in for a bit longer but check at 10 minutes, you can always put it back in but you can't do anything about it if it burns.

As baking paper was used the pizza will slide right off. Also do not over do the topping and pile them high as this can lead to a soggy bottom. 

Another option with the pizza base it to add onion chutney and goats cheese, place in the oven for 10 mins and then cut into strips. This makes a great sharing starter. 

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