Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tuna Burgers and Sweet Potato Wedges.

I am not a massive fan of tinned tuna, but being a uni student it can become a staple towards the end of term when money runs low. This is a great way to pep up a tin of tuna, instead of the classic tuna mayo. 

I served these burgers with sweet potato wedges, green beans and salad. 

To make 6 burgers, that will feed 3 people or 2 hungry people you will need:
2 tins of tuna, 
1 egg,
Half an onion,
1 teaspoon of smoked paprika,
pinch of salt and pepper,
splash of Tabasco if you're up to it.  

Empty the tuna into a mixing bowl and flake the tuna chunks so it becomes more uniformed in size.

Slice and chop the onion, fry until they go caramel brown (about 5-10 mins). The photos show the whole onion in the pan as I used the other half of the fried onions as a salad garnish. 

Add the fried onion to the tuna and add the egg. Mix. 

Then add in the paprika, salt, pepper and Tabasco. Mix. 

Form the tuna into patties using your hands, place the patties on a plate. Pop in the fridge for around half an hour to firm up, this will help the patties not to crumble in the pan.  

Take the patties out of the fridge. Heat some oil on a medium heat in the frying pan. Place the patties in the pan, do this in stages as to not over crowd the pan. Flip the patties after 3-4 mins and cook on the other side for 3-4 mins. And that is them done.  

While your burgers are in the fridge firming up, the wedges can be made. 

For these you will need: 
1 sweet potato,
2 teaspoons of Oil or fry light spray, 
Salt and pepper. 

Peel and slice the potato into chip-ish like shapes. 

Place in a baking dish drizzle or spray some oil onto the wedges, sprinkle with salt and pepper then toss so they become more evenly covered. Place in the oven for 30 mins taking out to toss occasionally. 

Serve with veg and salad. Far more exciting than a jacket potato with tuna mayo. 

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