Thursday, 4 April 2013

Keepsake Jar.

A bit of a different post today. I want to make ventures into making this blog a lifestyle blog not just food, for the sake of my waistline.

I have a jar in my room that I have filled with memories, birthday candles, tickets from concerts, cinemas, planes and theatre, party invites, champagne corks, pretty clothing labels other little odds and ends.
I got this idea from the jar my parents have filled with match boxes. 

Full of matches. 

Pretty labels from clothes. 

21 candles and restaurant business card.

Postcard from my boyfriend from Vegas.

I searched high and low for the perfect jar. I wanted it to be large and clear and have a lid so no dust would get in.
When looking at jars like this online, I searched for sweet jars, large candle jars, terrariums, lanterns, large food jars, you name it I Googled it. I looked on eBay,  in kitchen shops, antique shops the list goes on. Anything I found that was even remotely appropriate, was grossly over priced. Most were around the £100 mark the cheapest was starting at £60 and although I really wanted a large jar I did not want it for that much!

Until... Tkmaxx. They have an excellent range of home-ware and after this jar find I will always have a look in just in case there is something great, as their stock changes often.

This jar that I found was £16.99! That is, from a now large jar expert. A Bargain.

I am really happy with the way the jar has turned out as it allows me to display memories instead of having them in a box tucked away or thrown away.

Rugby Tickets and Hollywood Costumes Exhibition. 

Mauritius ticket, Olympics travel card, Front off my Chanel perfume.    

The Met pass from NY, Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh, Peter pan ticket.

Henley pass, Kempton pass, The Goring room pass. Pressed pennies. 

Amsterdam ticket, Edinburgh Castle, Marathon number, Legally Blonde ticket.

Rugby tickets, Blue peter badge a friend made for me! Maldives sea plane ticket.  

 It's a great way to display memories, you could do smaller jars and put inside photos, tickets and bits and bobs from holidays. Or for wedding memories, baby memories as objects can also go in the jar.

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