Sunday, 21 April 2013

Salcombe, Devon.

This morning we bundled into the car, a little earlier than some would have liked and headed to Salcombe in an attempt to make the most of our final weeks in the South West. 

Once we had got to Salcombe and parked the car we wandered round to find a coffee shop, this is the one we decided upon. 

It was nice to be inside after the chilly walk from the car park. I had a vanilla latte and a slice of bakewell tart. It was so nice as it had a thick layer of jam that is often lacking in some bakewell tarts!

We then had a wander round and I bought some wellies. There are a few nice shops around all of the cosy, quality variety. 

We then got the ferry across to the beach and the weather began to brighten up. It must be so nice in the summer as even on a day like today was lovely.   

These are the wellies I bought from Seasalt at a bargain price of £15 they are super comfy due to the cushioned soles. 

We then got the ferry back and found somewhere for lunch. I had a crab patty with skin on skinny fries. It was delicious. 

After our lunch we went in a couple more shops and then stopped for ice cream and sat on the sea wall watching children catch crabs, some that were an impressive size. 

It was so nice to get out the city for a day and explore more of Plymouth's surrounding area before I go back home for good. (Yippee!)

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