Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Breakfast. Three ways with porridge.

Porridge can get boring. I have it almost every day so am always on the hunt for new ways to jazz it up.

This post will cover.
Banana and Peanut butter.

I also have an overnight porridge here, Perfect for those in a rush or want something cold for breakfast.

They all start the same 50g of porridge oats per person and around 200ml of water.

Put the oats and water in a pan on a medium heat and keep stirring the mix until it starts to thicken. You can see the water and oats when stirred goes milky meaning the porridge tastes creamy. 

Then time to add the first flavour, Chocolate. Add a level dessert spoonful of hot chocolate powder for one person or heaped for two people.

Stir and simmer until it reaches the desired consistency.

Next Berries, add the oats and water and stir. Then add the berries and keep stiring. 

I also add a squeeze of agave syrup as the frozen berries can be quite tart.

The last flavour is banana and peanut butter.

Make the porridge up the same then add in half a chopped banana and a heaped tea spoon of peanut butter and stir until the banana has softened and the peanut butter is all mixed in. 

Add the rest of the banana on top. 

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