Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Constantine Bay and Padstow.

This past weekend I met my friend Lulu for a weekend away from uni at her family's house in Cornwall  We stayed in Constantine Bay it has a large beach which is gorgeous for walks.

When we arrived we put our wellies on and went for a walk along the beach and headland.

We then made a reservation at Rick Stein's seafood restaurant, I am so glad we did it was fabulous from start to finish.

We started with some bread, sesame seed and walnut and a sourdough, both lovely. They also gave us an appetiser of a mini fish cake.

We then shared a starter portion of fruit de mer. This included mussels, brown crab, clams, langoustines, oysters, scallops, winkles, whelks, razor clams and velvet crab. I had not had some of these items before after trying them all I can say I don't like whelks and winkles but both are bearable compared to that of an oyster. It was awful! Like swallowing sea water through your nose! It was a great thing to try especially for a starter as fruit de mer is often very expensive. I would defiantly recommend trying it if you get the chance.

For mains I had fish pie. It was jam packed with lobster, monkfish, scallops and prawns. Lulu had fish and chips.

For pudding I had banana soufflé, one of the best desserts I have ever had! Lulu had ice cream and biscotti.

Afterwards we had coffee that came with petite fours, delicious!

The next morning we got up and headed to Wadebridge. We were off to cycle the camel trail. A trail that runs between Wadebridge and Padstow. It's is completely flat and runs along the river. We decided to get a tandem. To begin with it was so hard we thought we were going to have to return the tandem, but we got used to it and it was so fun I really recommend it!

We locked up our bike in Padstow and went for lunch in the basement cafe. I had chicken burger and chips and lulu had lemon sole and new potatoes.

We wandered round Padstow and then cycled back in record time. It's five miles each way to Padstow and as it is completely flat you don't need to be too fit to do it.

On our way home we stopped back in Padstow to pick up some fish for dinner from Rick Stein's fishery. I was surprised how cheap the fish was here. I thought we would pay more as it was from Rick's but it was actually cheaper than the supermarket, so defiantly go here if you are doing as self catering holiday in Cornwall. We then got ice cream, I had Cornish cream tea, honeycomb and mocha. All three were delicious.

In the evening we cooked dinner (fish and crab cakes with salad) and then snuggled up with blankets on the sofa to watch Saturday night telly.

Sunday morning we got ready and packed our things and headed off for lunch once again at a Rick Stein place this time his bistro in Padstow. We arrived early so walked round Padstow so I picked up some sweets and fudge from the sweet shop to take home and some macaroons from Stein's patisserie. (He seems to own most of Padstow), I was surprised by the price, 55p each, cheap for macaroons and I thought you would pay more as they were from Rick Stein's but everything in the patisserie was reasonably priced and you could by things in there that are on the menu in his restaurants such as the bread and the tart I had for pudding on Sunday.

The bistro is far more relaxed than the seafood restaurant and great for lunch. To start with we had bread and salt cod fritters. The salt cod fritters were so fab I could have had a lot of those.

For mains we both had hake and chips. It was such a good portion of hake and a massive bowl of thin crispy chips each.

For pudding I had the chocolate and marmalade tart with raspberry sorbet and lulu had sticky toffee pudding with ice cream.

It was such a perfect weekend! We are off to the scarlet hotel in two weeks so hopefully that will be just as fab too!

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