Saturday, 18 May 2013

Jamie Oliver - Fifteen, Watergate Bay, Cornwall.

Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant is right on the beach at Watergate bay. I went there for lunch last Sunday before heading back home. 
The restaurant is lovely inside and is run as a charity, with profits going back into training young people to become chefs. 

We didn't have starters as we had, had a large breakfast at the hotel so went straight in for mains. 

We both had pollock, spring greens with a garlic aioli. It was a large piece of fish perfectly cooked.  

We also got a side of  patate al forno, but Jamie lets just write that in English next time. There's no shame in calling it a side of roast potatoes. They were lovely too. 

For dessert Lulu had pistachio panna cotta, with a macaroon on the side. Yum. 

I had sticky toffee rhubarb cake with clotted cream. I forgot it was clotted cream before it was too late and had a spoonful of just cream in my mouth. Not great. 
The sauce was so delicious it was salted caramel. 

Overall I did like the restaurant but it just wasn't as 'wow' as I thought it would be. But an excellent place for a casual lunch. It would be interesting to see what it is like in an evening.

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