Saturday, 4 May 2013

STK London.

The other evening I went to STK in Aldwych, London. I went with my mum before she went off the the theatre with my dad so we had a table booked for five so, it wasn't at all busy when we got there but by the time we left the place was really starting to fill up. 

While we ordered we were given this bread to share. It was a cheesy pull apart bread with a lush green, garlic and chive oil. 

To start with we shared these 'Lil' BRGS' made from wagyu beef. Probably the most flavorful burger I have ever had. The waitress (who was very helpful) said they do have a burger on their lunch menu so I would be keen to go back and try that.  

Mum had the feather steak. It is the smallest steak they do and it is still pretty big. Easily big enough for a hearty main. Mum had the meatpacker sauce with it. The steak was cooked perfectly and made it easy to see why they are called STK. 

For mains I had 72 hour cooked beef short rib, it came with parsnip mash and a sweet chilli pepper that had also been filled with some of the meat. Yum! I wasn't so keen on the mash, but when you see these chips you will know why. 

These chunky things, crispy on the outside, fluffy middles, with a Parmesan truffle topping. Scrumptious.   

The spinach, meh. Not so much, bit too watery and a bit gritty but it's not what we came for so not that disappointed. 

For dessert we went with what the waitress suggested. I had the mini magnums. They are frozen cheesecake covered in chocolate all with different flavours inside. Two plain chocolate. One with a berry middle, one with a ?hazelnut? middle. Then two white chocolate. One mango. One raspberry. 
All four delicious. 

Mum had the champagne rhubarb trifle. Again yummy. 

From what I have heard the cocktails are great here too, so I will  defiantly be looking to come back here for dinner and cocktails. 
I have heard really mixed things about this place, but my experience was a good one.  

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