Monday, 13 May 2013

Sunday Post. This week I'm...

Reading: Glitz, by Louise Bagshawe. I haven't read much of it yet but it looks like an easy read perfect for holidays, about four girls with a trust fund. 

Watching: Made in Chelsea, The reason anyone can look forward to a Monday. 

Applying: Hydraluron by indeed labs. It's hyaluronic acid which increases skin hydration from below the surface. You put on a tiny amount and then apply your moisturizer after it. This helps the moisturizer work more effectively. So far so good.

Eating: Danio yoghurt. The passion fruit one. Thick yoghurt like a Greek yoghurt, with a layer of passion fruit puree at the bottom. So Yum!

Drinking: More water. I have got into bad habits this week not drinking enough water lately and with the weather hotting up it is more important than ever to drink those two litres a day. 

Looking forward to: Fifteen Cornwall, going there for lunch today! 

Following: buy now blog later. very established in the blogging world as a fashion/ beauty blogger, doesn't take it too seriously and always looks fab.  

Wearing: New Zara flats that make you feel happy each time you look down they are the practical Cinderella shoe. 

Listening to: Macklemore - Can't Hold Us

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