Friday, 30 August 2013

Shake Shack, Covent Garden.

At the weekend I went to Shake Shack with Max, I had wanted to go their ever since it opened a couple of months ago. I had heard that they were the best burgers in America so now the opportunity was in London we had to check it out. 
I really like where it is set, in the Covent Garden covered market. We ordered and then sat with our buzzers and waited excitedly for them to tell us that our food was ready. 

We both had the smoke shack burger. I had a single patty and Max went for a double. We both got cheese fries too. 

The burger was delicious. I loved the bacon and the peppers. However the fries I just didn't like but I think that is because I am a chip shop or pub chip kinda gal than a fast food french fry girl. The cheese sauce wasn't cheesy enough either!

We then wandered round the shops in the sunshine. If I went again I would just get a burger and try one of their concretes! 

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