Monday, 5 August 2013

The Yo Burger.

Yo Sushi at the beginning of summer bought out the Yo burger. They ain't cheap at £8 a meal, for your £8 you can choose between a burger of prawn, fish, chicken, tofu or salmon. They come in a bun of toasted rice with sides of, nori crackers, daikon slaw and misochup. 

The crackers are similar to prawn crackers and the slaw is a bit vinegary for me. I liked the misochup sauce.

I had the prawn burger that lacked a lot of prawn I thought. The toasted rice is nice and different and I have not seen anything like it because but with a look round online I found it is so common in parts of Asia that even McDonald's do it. It was nice but for £8 I wouldn't get it again purely because Yo Sushi have so many other things I like so much more. 

A few things I recommend at Yo Sushi:

Hot- Miso Soup, Duck Gyoza, Prawn Katsu, Prawn Tempura. 

Sushi- Assorted Fish Maki, Spicy Chicken ISO, Crunchy Prawn ISO, Salmon & Avocado Hand Roll. Tuna Nigiri. 

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  1. A good way of keeping the cost down is to take your Mum & Dad along, then it all seems quite reasonable, cheap in fact. xxxxxxxxxxx