Friday, 16 August 2013

What we have on the BBQ.

Although the weather this week hasn't been quite up to British heatwave standards next weekend it due to be great, just in time for the bank holiday! I thought I would do a quick run down of what we have on the BBQ on a normal sunny weekend. 

We always have sausages, burgers and chicken tikka, recipe here. We then have onions cooked in a foil tin for the burgers, sweetcorn and potato parcels. Potato parcels are chopped up boiled potato with some oil so they go crispy in the foil parcel when on the BBQ.

We normally eat our burgers first, in a bun with cheese, onions and plenty of ketchup. Our favourite burgers are Marks and Spencers. 

We also make up a quick salad to go with the BBQ food this depends on what we have in the fridge but this weeks was tomato, mozzarella, basil and rocket. 

Pudding wise I love cooked bananas so I either put a whole one on the BBQ or we also sometimes have cooked bananas in a foil tray with some butter, sugar and triple sec to make a sauce. We also put this sauce on some pineapple to help it grill. This can just be left on the remaining heat of the BBQ while you eat your main meal, so is nice and simple. 

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