Saturday, 21 September 2013

Columbia Road Flower Market.

A few weekends ago we drove up to Columbia Road Market on a lovely Sunday. 

We went here for breakfast, a little Spanish cafe.

I've been craving churros for months and I finally got round to having them, even if it was for breakfast!

The market is a lot smaller than I thought but packed with flowers and later on in the day packed with people too! We got there around 9am so it wasn't too busy. The flower market is in a road with lots of cute shops so we had a bit of a look in them too.

We then went to Brick Lane where there are lots of world food markets, it all looked so good we didn't know where to start!

I ended up having chicken katsu, but wish I had been more adventurous. I really recommend going to the flower market and to Brick Lane on a Sunday as they are both really close to each other.  

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