Monday, 23 September 2013

Wahaca, Mexican Market Eating.

Mum and I went to Wahaca near Waterloo Station, we needed a quick meal and Wahaca was perfect for it. 

I had an apple and rhubarb juice as I have now given up fizzy drinks and most caffeine (it's been 55 days). 
We had the guacamole and tortilla chips while we ordered. There is so much choice so we decided on the Wahaca selection. This includes 3 pork pibil tacos, 1 large broad bean quesadilla, 3 chicken tinga tacos,  black bean tostadas, 2 new potato taquitos and Wahaca slaw. This feeds two people for £19.95. We also got some sweet potato cubes which were amazing. 

Below are the new potato taquitos, corn tortillas wrapped around a new potato filling fried and served with salad and feta on top. Below them is the broad bean and feta quesadilla, a toasted tortilla with melted cheese, feta, new potatoes, broad beans and peas. Of all the dishes this was probably my least favourtie. Too bland in flavour. 

Below are the black bean tostadas one of my favourites these were so refreshing after the spicier dishes. They are crisp tortillas piled with re-fried bean, avocado, cheese and salsa.

On the left is the spicy chicken tinga, soft tortilla with chicken in a spicy sauce with some sour cream on top, very spicy. The pork on the right I loved, it was similar to pulled pork in a soft tortilla with some spicy pickle on top and went well with the slaw.

The food arrived really quickly, I would compare it to wagamama in it's style of dining with the reasonable prices and quick food. I would go back again but probably wouldn't go there to spend an evening, its the place to go before going on to somewhere else or for lunch. 

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