Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sticks and Sushi.

On Wednesday I went to Sticks n Sushi in Wimbledon. It was so good and I over ordered, so I took my leftovers home with me for the next days dinner. They also offer takeaway if you don't fancy going out for dinner. 

At the restaurant I ordered rainbow rolls, california deluxe rolls and ebi tempura big rolls. 
Rainbow rolls had seafood sticks, snow peas and avocado in them with either salmon, tuna, halibut or prawn on top. 
California deluxe rolls had crayfish, cucumber and avocado in them and were coated in wasabi tobiko. 
Ebi big tempura rolls were filled with tempura prawns and avocado with a spicy sauce. They did not make it home I ate them all there and then. 

The tempura prawn roll was by far my favourite I love tempura prawns especially in sushi as it adds a crunchy texture to the roll. 

Overall the sushi was really good, they do sticks as well hence the name, which are skewers of meat, fish or vegetables grilled in the most gorgeous sauces. We had the broccoli at the restaurant too as a side dish which was amazing, the sauce it came with, I have no idea what was in it but we dipped everything in it! So it's a must order. 

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