Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cheese Board.

I love cheese, I used to only like cheddar but I've really branched out and like most cheeses now. So the other evening for dinner we had a cheese board as we had bought a few cheeses from a farmers festival. 

We had a selection of crackers and warm bread to have our cheese on and some onion chutney to go with the cheese. I also really like to have apple and grapes with my cheese.

My favourites were the Truckle Mature Cheddar, so creamy and rich; and the Wensleydale Blue, such a good strong flavour. I really didn't think much to the Reblochon, quite bland in my opinion but maybe a good option if you like mild cheese.  

I really love these kind of meals where you can pick little bits and I've had cheese and crackers most evenings when I've come in from work! 

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