Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dubai Weekend.

A while ago now I went to Dubai for the weekend. I didn't get round to sorting the photos out though until this weekend.

I took an overnight flight on the Thursday evening and by 10am on Friday morning I was lying on the beach! My parents were already out in Dubai so I met them at their hotel for a short visit.

On the Friday we sunbathed and then had a speed boat tour of The Palm in the afternoon. It is so hot that to be out on the water with a breeze was so nice as lying in the sun can get uncomfortably hot.

As it is so hot the hotel really know how to look after you and help keep you cool. The staff come round with ice cold flannels, water sprays and little cups of flavoured ice.

On the Saturday we got up early had breakfast and went to the Dubai Mall. This mall alone makes me want to live in Dubai. Shops and restaurant chains I thought you could only get in certain countries seem to have made an exception and have a spot in this mall. If that wasn't enough it is also home to an ice rink, aquarium and the tallest building in the world.

We went up the tallest in the world, from the ground it looks very tall but when we got up there it didn't seem so high. I’m not sure if this is because everything in Dubai is already so tall and large that your perspective is skewed, the air is also quite hazy so you can’t see that far. I’m pleased we went up but I think I was expecting more.

You are still a long way from the top though!!

We then had a look around the shops and then had a hot chocolate at Laduree. I would only recommend buying things in Dubai if you cannot get the shop at home as everything I saw was more expensive than it would be at home.

After this we went back to the hotel and spent the afternoon sunbathing. 

In the evening after dinner at our hotel we went to Bar 44 at the Grosvenor Hotel we had a cocktail there, it was nice but quite dark a bit too manly for my taste. We then went to the other tower to the Siddharta Lounge by Buddha-Bar which was much more my thing, an outdoor bar by the pool it just felt more relaxed.

On Sunday we had a relaxed morning sunbathing on the beach and then in the late afternoon we went to The Burji Al Arab. I was so excited to see inside as it is meant to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It is luxurious in the materials they have used, if you see something gold it is really gold from everything to the bins to the lift. But taste wise it is really not for me the phrase ‘money can't buy you taste’ comes to mind. We went up to the bar on the 27th  floor. The food was amazing. 

To start with we had this fruit tart. So nice!

Next was this slice of beef with some potato puree. I could have had a much larger portion than this it was so good. 

Next up were the sandwiches beef; cream cheese and cucumber; chicken tikka wrap; smoked salmon, quails egg and salmon roe on pumpernickel; and tuna in a squid ink roll. My favourite was tuna in the squid ink roll.  

After sandwiches came the scones and cakes. The scones were nice, just the perfect size and came with jam and cream, and also passionfruit jam which I thought was great. 
The cakes I liked a little less but I think that is personal as I'm not a fan of cream cakes. The chocolate one was my favourite. There was also mini creme brulee which was scrumptious.   

After all that we had a rose sorbet and some chocolates to take home. 

After finishing tea we got a taxi to the Dubai Mall to watch the fountain show. 

To then get home and have the chocolates from earlier. 

On Monday we had a really relaxing day as my flight was late that evening. We spent the day sunbathing and swimming in the sea. In the evening I got a taxi back to the airport got on the plane, landed in the morning and was straight off to work!

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