Friday, 31 January 2014

Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!

I went to the Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House this past weekend.

I haven't been to many exhibitions at Somerset House but, I think it is a beautiful space so whenever there is something of interest on I try and go.

The exhibition shows a rich collection of over hundred pieces showcasing her life through fashion. 
Everything is the exhibition is something worth looking at nothing seems like a filler piece which is rare for an exhibition of this size. 

The stand out piece for me from the exhibition was this McQueen dress, the craftsmanship in it is stunning. 

Image from FashionFoieGras

It runs until March 2nd 2014 and is well worth a look.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Let's Talk Health Supplements.

As I have mentioned before I am trying to be healthier and to help me along in this I am taking a few healthy extras every day.

First up I am taking vitamin C&E:
Vitamin E is an all round goodie for skin and hair. It is also good for cell structure among other larger claims which I'm not sure I believe whole heartedly so won't put them up.
Vitamin C divides people some people say it fights off colds other people say you just wee it out so there is no point in taking it. But as it is good for cells and overall well being I don't think there is any harm as it is a combined tablet.

I am also taking vitamin D:
Vitamin D helps with bone health, as I have cut out quite a bit of dairy and I am at work monday-friday in all daylight hours I thought I would see how taking this supplement would benefit me. So far I don't think I would buy this again.

Wheatgrass powder:
I put this in my morning smoothie, this hides the taste pretty well and I am gradually adding more to my smoothies. Wheatgrass is high in vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle. Again though if you google wheatgrass I feel some claims are over-blown.

Again this goes in my smoothie as it is high in fibre, calcium, iron and omega 3. This is also known as linseed. I think this would work best on weetabix or porridge. 

Whey Protein:
I have a protein shake after the gym before my smoothie in the morning. As my breakfast is just fruit this is a good way to get a source of protein on the go. This also helps me drink more water as I mix it with slightly more water than needed to make me drink more after the gym!

Sunday, 26 January 2014


I have never really liked pasta so for me this is a great alternative with a great bonus that it is low in calories. I am really enjoying replacing some of my carbohydrates with more vegetables you still get to eat a lot but you don't have the overly full feel afterwards.

To make my courghetti I use a mandolin with a julienne setting but using a peeler to make ribbons would work just as well.

I use one courgette per person. If you use a mandolin use the safeguard I learnt the hard way!

Once sliced, cook whatever you are going to have with it, I usually have salmon but you can have whatever you normally would have with pasta.

When your sauce is nearly cooked put on a pan of boiling water and add the courghetti cook for around a minute, drain and then serve.

I flake my salmon into the courghetti and add some salt, pepper, butter and chilli. Simple but delicious and so satisfying despite its low calorie content.

Perfect for lunches or light dinners.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Indigo, Aldwych.

Before Christmas I went for brunch with my parents. Before I went to brunch I went shopping... 

I've been to Indigo in the One Aldwych hotel quite a few times before, I would say it's my Mum's favourite restaurant and we always get the same. 
The whole setting is just really comfortable, the chairs are great and it's on the mezzanine level so you can look over into the lobby/bar area. 

We started with some bread, again Mum loves the bread there. I'm less of a bread person unless it has something sandwiched in the middle of it! 

We also got the free flow prosecco with our brunch and for starters we all had the caesar salad.    

Followed by fish pie. The best fish pie. Ever. 


For dessert I had this it's a chocolate, armagnac and prune marquise with salted caramel cream... basically chocolate cake and cream. 

Two courses is £25 and three is £30. Unlimited prosecco is £15 so all really reasonable for the quality and location of the restaurant. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What Sunday Is Made For.

So I haven't done a post in over a month, Christmas is the busiest time at work and when I did have some time off I just wanted to relax and enjoy. 
This post I started making a while ago and has been sat in my drafts and in the back of my mind so I'm dusting it off and putting it out there.

This is my favourite thing to do at the weekend by far. We go early on a Sunday morning to this cafe in Hampton Court that does the best English Breakfasts everything is done just right.

There's bacon well grilled, a good quality sausage, mushrooms, beans, delicious cooked tomatoes, two eggs and toast with lashings of salty butter. 

After filling up on the breakfast of champions we walk over the bridge through the palace gardens.  

Through the gate and into Bushy Park, probably my favourtie place through the colder months, though now the breakfast is skipped and walks have turned into bootcamp style workouts (it is January after all) I still enjoy the park just as much!

Oh and there is deer in the park sometimes you can go and not see one other times you will see loads and some, like this chap will stop and pose for photos. 

They then disappear back into bracken seamlessly.  

Over the past couple of months I've been trying to be a bit healthier and I think I will put a few of the recipes etc up on here, no crazy diets just trying to be healthier long term.