Sunday, 26 January 2014


I have never really liked pasta so for me this is a great alternative with a great bonus that it is low in calories. I am really enjoying replacing some of my carbohydrates with more vegetables you still get to eat a lot but you don't have the overly full feel afterwards.

To make my courghetti I use a mandolin with a julienne setting but using a peeler to make ribbons would work just as well.

I use one courgette per person. If you use a mandolin use the safeguard I learnt the hard way!

Once sliced, cook whatever you are going to have with it, I usually have salmon but you can have whatever you normally would have with pasta.

When your sauce is nearly cooked put on a pan of boiling water and add the courghetti cook for around a minute, drain and then serve.

I flake my salmon into the courghetti and add some salt, pepper, butter and chilli. Simple but delicious and so satisfying despite its low calorie content.

Perfect for lunches or light dinners.

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