Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Let's Talk Health Supplements.

As I have mentioned before I am trying to be healthier and to help me along in this I am taking a few healthy extras every day.

First up I am taking vitamin C&E:
Vitamin E is an all round goodie for skin and hair. It is also good for cell structure among other larger claims which I'm not sure I believe whole heartedly so won't put them up.
Vitamin C divides people some people say it fights off colds other people say you just wee it out so there is no point in taking it. But as it is good for cells and overall well being I don't think there is any harm as it is a combined tablet.

I am also taking vitamin D:
Vitamin D helps with bone health, as I have cut out quite a bit of dairy and I am at work monday-friday in all daylight hours I thought I would see how taking this supplement would benefit me. So far I don't think I would buy this again.

Wheatgrass powder:
I put this in my morning smoothie, this hides the taste pretty well and I am gradually adding more to my smoothies. Wheatgrass is high in vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids which are the building blocks for muscle. Again though if you google wheatgrass I feel some claims are over-blown.

Again this goes in my smoothie as it is high in fibre, calcium, iron and omega 3. This is also known as linseed. I think this would work best on weetabix or porridge. 

Whey Protein:
I have a protein shake after the gym before my smoothie in the morning. As my breakfast is just fruit this is a good way to get a source of protein on the go. This also helps me drink more water as I mix it with slightly more water than needed to make me drink more after the gym!

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