Saturday, 1 March 2014

Giving Blood.

I have now given blood 9 times and think it's a simple and great thing to do. A lot of people that find out that I give blood have so many questions about it so I thought I would do a step by step of it to show how easy and fuss free it really is.  

First up register online to give blood and make an appointment at your local donating centre by doing it online or phoning up, I usually call and they are always so friendly and helpful. This saves a lot of hanging about. 
They then send you confirmation in the post and a donor health check questionnaire. Fill this out and bring it along to your appointment. 
When you arrive you check in and are given a sheet of information to read. Read this and while you wait and drink some water.  

When your name is called you sit down with a nurse to go through any queries they have about your donor health check questionnaire. They also prick your finger and put a drop of your blood in a greeny blue solution, if it sinks you're through to the next round and ready to give blood. You then go back and sit down for your name to be called for the main event. 

Your name is called and you sit down while they clean your arm. Clench and unclench your fist while to help them find your vein easily, they also put a blood pressure band on your upper arm to help with this. They put the needle in, you do feel it go in but it doesn't hurt. 
Now just continue to clench and unclench your fist and move your feet around a bit like how they tell you too when you are on a plane. 

This photo is a bit on the graphic side but I wanted to show that it really isn't gory! No blood escaping!

You just sit play on your phone whatever until your timer goes off. They then remove your needle and you hold a cotton pad down on your arm you then get a plaster and pressure pad on it and then you head off to the snack table! 

Have a drink, some biscuits, crisps and when you are sure you feel ok you can get up and leave simple as that. The whole process usually takes under a hour with the actual blood giving lasting around 10 minutes for me. 

This is my arm the next morning not even 24 hours after giving blood. You can barely see where the needle went in. 

I really hope this helps if you are thinking about giving blood but are nervous about the process, it really is easy and everyone is so friendly and will answer any questions you have about it. Also if you want to ask me about any of it I will try and answer any questions in the comments :) 
If you want to sign up here is the link to the UK site 


  1. Thank you for this- so many of us wander about saying we want to make the world a better place or do more to help people. This is such a simple way of helping and so important.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I think a lot of people worry about the needle, I don't like needles but this has helped me get used to the idea of them, so if I did need to go to hospital for something I know now the needle wouldn't freak me out!