Sunday, 27 April 2014

Adventures Should Always Be By Jet Ski.

We saw the jet skis on the way back from the pool all gleaming and just waiting to be taken on an adventure so the next day we went over to the water sports hut and asked when would be a good time to embark on our escapade. 
Now if you like he said! 

We scurried off to suncream up and returned to the hut and off we went! Just Lu and I and the watersports guy. 
Both of us had never been on a jet ski before so to say we started off slow was an understatement! 
We soon got the hang of it and explored the island and the Kilim Geoforest Park

We then headed up to the mangroves...

Once we were in the mangroves we stopped to look up and saw so many eagles! There are other trips to the mangroves that feed them so they all flock around this one spot which was a great bonus to our adventure. 

We headed back out of the mangroves and went to explore a bit more of the island. 

It really is just SO fun!

We then went back to the resort. I will say that this was one of the more expensive trips but it was just so much better than sitting in a boat on a tour of the island and I would so recommend it to anyone!! 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Four Seasons Langkawi Paradise.

The past couple of weeks I've been in paradise, to be precise the Four Seasons Langkawi. As soon as I got my job contract with my holiday on it Lu and I got on the internet and got searching for a holiday a month later we were here...

1.5km of white and wide sand beach with no one but us on it. 

The flight was just over 12 hours to Singapore and then around one hour to Langkawi we arrive at around 11 in the morning wriggled out of our plane clothes and into bikinis and headed straight out to explore the massive resort.

The hotel has 91 rooms over a ridiculous acreage and the staff vastly outnumber the guests. We found our way to the quiet pool where we got our own cabana (god forbid you actually see another guest out the corner of your eye) and settled down for the day with all the essentials...

and took a dip in the really busy pool...

When we booked we thought 'just think of the instagrams,' a first world thought if ever there's been one! So of course we got to work on selfies and instagrams galore! The hotel accommodate to this thought well as there is wifi everywhere, so you can keep all your friends up to date on your holiday tan.

Water, fresh coconuts and fruit is brought round to you so there really is no need to move.  

On the way back to the room Lu took a dip, they do have a bit of a jellyfish problem, but Lu didn't encounter any of the little blighters luckily!

We had their most basic room, a lower melaleuca pavilion it was far from basic it was massive and gorgeous I wish this was the level for basic everywhere!  

Basic always comes with two hand basins and a walk in wardrobe right?!

And an outdoor bath...

So now you know how we settled in I'll leave you with this photo of our adventure I'll tell you about tomorrow.