Sunday, 6 July 2014

Getting Back Into Blogging.

Oh hey! long time no see! Read my excuses for not blogging and look at my instagram photos won't you?!

I haven't felt the want to blog in a while life seems to have just whizzed by these past couple of months with a moment to stop work has been busy and with friends finishing university I have spent more time out and about and the time I have had at home has been spent watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I just can't get enough!

But here I am trying to get organised and thought I would do a quick update on the past month or so's goings on.
Easter weekend was spent eating chocolate and vegging out with the family. University lecturers really should tell you that you will go from having the most free time in your life at the end of uni, to having the least free time. Working world, how is 20 odd days holiday enough?!

I spent 6 of those precious days on holiday in Abu Dhabi at the end of May. It was nice to get away to the sun but 10 days away was more than enough and I think some of my future holidays will be a little shorter or involve more exploring. We stayed at The Emirates Palace and while it is very glamorous, think gold everything it just isn't really my taste!  

Gold Machine Obvs

Gold on my coffee sure!

June so far was spent making the most of the longer evenings with dinners and drinks out with friends but it has taken a toll on my waistline so I am reining myself in.

When your drink is the same colour as nail varnish remover you're in for a rough night

Whipsnade Zoo Teddy Bear
Real Life Jungle Book

Mr. Whippy at Brighton

I also want to broaden this blog's content and sharing my other interests. I really enjoy makeup and skin care but have found most beauty blogs to be so polished and always full of so many new products (which is great for new release) but I want to share things I use on a daily basis those products I buy, use up and then repurchase. I feel like that gives a better representation and a more 'real world' approach.
I also definitely want to expand on the lifestyle travel aspect of this blog maybe even some style posts. Just casual stuff to mix it up!

Afternoon Tea with the Uni girls

Had people round for brunch

Tiny frog from the garden

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