Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Favourite Face Masks.

I have dabbled with masks before. First with those ones everyone has used, those sachet ones you peel off and smell sickly... you know the ones. But things have moved on a long way and these are my current masks and thoughts. I purchased all of these after reading reviews or seeing a YouTube video mentioning them. I now use a mask at least twice a week and I feel like it has really helped my skin as well as helping me keep to a routine which I think is really the key point. 

Una Brennan
This is a reasonably priced mask and does the job, a little drying so I tend to use a more intense moisturizer, or double mask and use one of my moisturizing masks. I'm not sure if they still sell it any more though in Boots and think it has been replaced by Super Facialist salicylic acid anti blemish clay mask. I am yet to try it but at £8.99 and usually on offer I'm sure I will when I have finished this one.

Aesop Parsley Seed Mask 

This is the more advance version of the Una Brennan mask and with that comes a hike in price at £27 it's not cheap but does make your skin feel wonderful afterwards. I use this maybe once every two weeks due to price point! 

Origins Out Of Trouble 10 minute mask

This is my latest purchase. I am a big fan when it comes to Origins so it was only a matter of time before I bought this mask. The texture is very thick and feels like it would be quite drying but after following up with a good moisturizer I haven't had any trouble so far and only good things have happened. At £23 it is quite expensive but I think it is worth spending money on masks compared to other steps in my skincare routine.

These three masks I use on rotation twice a week as they are all the complexion clearing kind. While I also use two masks that are hydrating usually after a drying mask or on a flight I put it on throughout the journey.

Origins drink up intensive overnight 
This is the mother of hydrating masks I use it all over and also put it on dry patches as and when needed. Smells yum and is an essential for plane travel! You only need a thin layer so £23 doesn't seem so bad for how long it lasts.

No. 7 Hydration mask 

I bought this on a whim in boots. It's quite thin in texture and doesn't leave the skin quite as plump, but I have found a use for it by using it on feet, knees, elbows and hands before fake tanning :) at £12.50 I would recommend buying an Una Brennen hydrating mask instead.

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